Gracious Donation from Emmanuel Baptist Church

Posted by: CIS Rowan on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Church Members of Emmanuel Baptist Church,
    It is with sincere gratitude that our school would like to thank your
congregation for the generous donations of food to our school this year.
Although Food for Thought brings our school about 30 food bags a week for
distribution, the Communities In School site coordinators pack a number of
food bags for students on the "waiting list." Some of our families that
receive weekly food bags have three or more children in the family trying to
share the food that is intended for a "week-end."  Because of the extra food
that your church has given us, the site coordinators are able to add extra
food items to some or all the bags almost weekly.  What a Blessing!!!
    All Hanford-Dole students receive a "free" breakfast every morning to
help get them ready for their morning academic studies.  Could you imagine
having to wait until lunch time to be able to eat, if the students didn't
get the breakfast???  Out of a student enrollment of 535, approximately 95%
of our students are on the free & reduced list for lunches.  Our school
qualifies for a free fresh fruit/vegetable snack three times a week from the
Dept. of Agriculture.  On weekends and in the summer, many of our students
do not have the opportunity to get meals like they do during the school
     We know you are a small church, but your generosity of sharing the bags
of food with our school has made a difference that you could not imagine. "
No child should ever have to go hungry"----thank you for your kind hearts
for sharing with our school.

Fran Simpson  &   Ann Shepherd
Communities In Schools--Rowan


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