March is Recognized as National Social Workers Month

Posted by: Emily Harrison on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 2:00:00 pm

March is recognized as National Social Workers Month. This is also a big year for the National Association of Social Workers since it will be celebrating itʼs sixtieth anniversary this year!

The mission of social workers is to work from six core values: integrity, social justice, competence, service, importance of human relationships and dignity and self worth. As a social worker I feel the values that are most important to me are: importance of human relationship and integrity. According to the Webster Dictionary, integrity means the quality of being honest and fair. As a social worker in any field you need to be honest and fair to every single person which helps establishes another value the importance of human relationships. Without integrity there is nothing to build a relationship on. All of these values are important for social workers since it is the foundation of social work.

I can recall sitting in my intro to social work class in the summer of 2010 while our professor asked everyone why we choose this field.  Almost every person in that room answers was to help others. Each person in the classroom that day had the passion to help, advocate and want to support people through different situations in their lives. Some of us had it all figured out to what we wanted to do and where we wanted to work after obtaining our degree while others needed more guidance. There is a wide variety of jobs related to social work, mental health, individual/family/group counseling, victim services, corrections, child welfare, aging, school social worker, substance abuse, medical/public health and non-profit organizations. I myself wanted to go into the school system with my degree since I had a passion for helping others and wanting to work with children.

Fast forward a few years I have my bachelors in social work degree and I am working for a great non-profit organization Communities in Schools of Rowan County.  At my job, I embrace my social work background by helping students in the school

by helping them reach their academic, attendance and behavioral goals for the school year.

So if you are a social worker here are some great ways to promote Social Work Month. You can simply give another co-worker the NASW Code of Ethics, lead a presentation through work, school or the community, start a social work blog, inform local news outlets about a social work event, become a mentor for a social work student, present about social work at a local career day at a school or even coordinating a community service project. For more ways to promote Social Work Month see http://


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