Career Day at Hanford-Dole Brings Light to the Future

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Posted by: Fran Simpson on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 3:30:00 pm

The Hanford-Dole Elementary students had a valuable experience learning about a variety of career opportunities.  Eight different career presenters rotated through the classes of third through fifth.  The presenters shared the learning experiences in their jobs, the education needed to do the job, any related jobs in their field, and each had a number of worker-related items to "show & tell."  The career presentaters included:  Dr. A.J. Shepherd--orthopedic surgeon from Wake Forest Baptist Health: Carlene Davis--Salisbury Post Office rural route carrier;  Craig Powers and Bryan aSolomon from the City of Salisbury Street Department engineer/manager; Dr. Suzanne Ford--vet from the Salisbury Animal Hospital; Hillary Spangler--medical student from Chapel Hill and Author of the book, "Where is Henry?."  Deputy Jennifer Mason--from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office; Erick Neely--barber; and Sabrina Eagle--school counselor spoke on various careers of interest.  


The students used their iPads to take notes about each speaker and then the information was saved so it could be reviewed at a later time.  Even in elementary school, students need to be aware of the importance of reading, writing, and math; importance of staying in school; making good grades; and how a career selection can affect the financial outcome of the students' future.  With the hands-on approach of our Career Day Speakers, Hanford-Dole Students were able to learn the many facets of jobs that may become their future career.



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