Hanford-Dole March Book Club

Posted by: Fran Simpson on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 11:30:00 am

  East Spencer Mayor Barbara Mallett was the guest reader at Hanford-Dole
Elementary's March First Grade Book Club.  Mrs. Mallett read the book, "Duck
on a Bike," to students and talked about her love of reading and how all the
barnyard animals took turns riding bikes too. Critical level thinking and
spelling skills were also shared with the students by the mayor. After the
book reading, Mayor Mallett gave each student a shiny star sticker to remind
them about how important reading will be when they grow up as an adult.

 Hanford-Dole's Book Club is sponsored by grants from Target Stores,
Schneider Electric and CIS-Rowan.  Fran Simpson, Student Support Specialist
with CIS, did a presentation on reading and writing to parents who were
present. Hanford-Dole and CIS are committed to engaging the parents in
school activities to better prepare students and parents to work together
with the school.


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